ArcelorMittal Orbit Slide

Earlier this year me and a friend went up the ArcelorMittal Orbit to slide down the world’s highest and longest tunnel slide. As all of you who know my slight problem with heights can imagine, I wasn’t too excited on the prospect to stand on a platform 100m above ground and jump into a small tube sliding down 178m at a significant speed.

I did it anyway.1)Well, I got persuaded

And I have to say that I enjoyed it thoroughly, although I might have temporarily lost my voice from screaming all the way down. And I was lucky not to realise how flimsy the entrance to the slide actually was (see featured image)

Afterwards we enjoyed the view and also got some good pictures of the slide itself from above as the floor boards where lattices (except for the inner platform, which had a solid floor). This near perfect view down included the externally mounted staircase (the grey latticework on the images) for which I had to keep at least one hand on the handrail all the time.


1 Well, I got persuaded