• being sick in London

    being sick in London

    Being ill sucks basically everywhere, but I just had the dubious pleasure to get the experience of being sick in London for a couple of weeks. It was nothing serious and I was going to work most of the time, but it was annoying and I used up all my sick days.

    Being sick in London has two additional drawbacks that I experienced a lot in the last few weeks:

    Even for well-earning software developers, our flats are often tiny (or shared), especially as close to Central as I live. Which is ok, if you usually just eat, sleep and chill there. Or quite nice if you actually want to snuggle up in your personal burrow up to keep the outside world away for a while. But spending whole extended weekends in there is not recommended.

    The worst though is the knowledge of all the exciting things that are happening just a few steps beyond your reduced range. And even on good days the usual fear of missing out is already justifiably high.

    Also there’s nothing interesting to blog about if nothing interesting happens.